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Maintain Your Summer Diet Plans All Year Long

Sarah | June 18th, 2012

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For many of us, the best diet to lose weight begins in the summer when the warm weather invites us outside to frolic and delivers some of the year’s most delicious fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately though, the colder air tends to blow all those effective diet plans away.  You don’t have to let that happen again this year!

Now is a great time to look at some of your positive summer health habits and figure out how you to break the cycle when the days inevitably get colder and shorter. Health Magazine recently offered some great diet tips to help you maintain your summer regimen all year long.

Continue to diet and exercise for weight loss

Health outlined 9 specific suggestions to keep you on track throughout the year. Consider exercise tips such as:

  • Exercise in the morning. In the summer it gets too hot by mid-morning to exert too much energy outside. Keep up a great exercise habit, and hit the gym early!
  • Enjoy the fall season outdoors.  Just because the weather is cooler doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your outdoor run. Throw on an added layer and enjoy the cooler air.
  • Take up a new activity. Carry over summer’s pursuit  of adventure into fall. Surf-season is over, so why not take up a martial art?
Maintain these healthy diet plans:
  • Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. The names may have changed, but the game remains the same. Root vegetables are packed with nutrients and are at their peak in the fall!
  • Eat breakfast. The lazy days of summer are over, but you can still make time for a healthy breakfast and rev up your metabolism for the day.
  • Hit the farmer’s market. Explore your area to find local produce purveyors who keep their “doors” open through late fall.
  • Eat outside. If it’s not too cold, take your lunch break outdoors for some sunshine and vitamin D.

Maintenance of a healthy summer routine throughout the year is a great goal for those who achieved some success on their summer diet plan.  However, not everyone who wants to lose weight can claim the benefit of an effective summer jumpstart. Fortunately, there are weight loss resources available to those who need some reinforcement.

Medically supervised weight loss and diet maintenance

In recent years, individuals have increasingly looked to their doctors for assistance in the challenge of losing weight. As a result, medical weight loss programs have grown at a steady pace. One such group, The Center for Medical Weight Loss (CMWL), is a network of over 450 physicians who have successfully helped thousands of patients meet their weight loss goals with healthy, sustainable diet and exercise plans.

Dr. Michael Kaplan, founder and chief medical officer of CMWL, believes healthy eating and exercise habits prescribed by a doctor can help patients finally achieve the weight loss goals that have been chasing. In fact, regarding a study published in the American Journal of Medicine, Dr. Kaplan states, “[When] treated by a CMWL physician, the average person [loses] 11.1% if their body weight in the first 12 weeks.”

Whether you are looking to maintain your summer diet plan to successfully shed more pounds or if you are just getting starting on your quest to lose weight and you wish to enhance your chance for success, you may consider contacting a medical weight loss specialist.  There may be a Center for Medical Weight Loss near you.  Enter your zip code in the box provided to find out. Don’t forget to inquire about special incentives that may be available to first time callers.