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Finding Your Best Weight Loss Program

Sarah | June 19th, 2012

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Every day, diet tips are shared in magazines, on entertainment news programs, on internet blogs, … even among co-workers at the office water cooler. As consumers, we are often bombarded with promises about ways to lose weight fast and to keep weight off for good. Though these channels may deliver some positive messages, in reality, effective diet plans must vary according to the needs and physical make-up of the individual.

Those truly seeking a safe and sure method to lose weight may find better advice from a doctor who understands how to customize a weight loss program that can actually deliver the kind of results people see in magazines.  Statistics show that physician-led weight loss programs are specifically designed to suit a patient’s individual needs and are among the most effective and safest weight loss programs available.

Looking for ways to lose weight fast

Fad diets like the soup diet, the HCG diet and the master cleanse are attractive because they promise dieters gimmicky ways to lose weight fast. Unfortunately, these quick fix diet methods are often unproven and very unhealthy. Because fad diets generally require unsustainable diet plans, as soon as a dieter moves away from the diet, which is impossible to maintain, they tend to regain all weight lost- and more.

On the other hand, physician-led weight loss programs promote sustainability and accountability. One group of physicians has been published in the American Journal of Medicine and has an impressive track record of 95.3% of participants who are able to maintain weight loss after a full year of follow up.  The Center for Medical Weight Loss, the largest network of weight loss specialists, with 450 centers across the US, has  helped thousands of patients lose weight quickly.

Dr. Michael Kaplan, founder of the network states, “The best weight loss programs are those designed for safe, long-term weight loss of no more than two pounds a week. Rather than trying to find a way to lose weight fast, look for a sustainable way to lose weight such as developing a well-balanced diet and three-to-five day a week exercise regime.”

Simple diet tips from physicians

Doctors affiliated with The Center for Medical for Weight Loss believe the best weight loss program is based on a person’s individual needs.  By identifying a person’s personal physical and psychological impulses to overeat, the doctors help patients take control of those impulses. For instance, a doctor can help determine if you tend to eat when you are nervous or if you eat too quickly or thoughtlessly. Physician-assisted weight loss programs offer individual counseling help you get to the root of your personal issue with food.

At the same time, the Centers offer traditional diet tips such as:

  • Eat at home. Eating at home will help you control portion size and caloric intake.
  • Eat slowly.
  • Replace high-calorie sauces with low-calorie substitutes such as salsa.
  • Keep healthy snacks on hand.

Physician directed weight loss programs can help you implement these diet tips and help you learn more about the kinds of foods that you choose. For example, your doctor can help you decipher between low and high energy density foods; what to eat,  when to eat it, and why; as well as implement an exercise program that meets your unique lifestyle, fitness limitations and weight-loss goals.

The Center for Medical Weight Loss is dedicated to tailoring the best diet and exercise regimen to meet your unique set of needs. What’s good for one dieter may not work for another. If you’re serious about developing the best weight loss program for you, you can contact one of CMWL’s more than 450 locations by entering your zip code in the space provided above. The Centers may offer special introductory programs for first time visits.