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Continued Calorie Cutting May Not Maintain Weight Loss

Whitney | July 18th, 2012

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What may be touted as the best way to lose weight fast may not always be the best choice to maintain weight loss over the long term. Chicago Tribune columnist Jay Fell explains in his publication that he took many years to reach his weight loss goals, but he has successfully kept the weight off for the better part of two decades.

As Fell explains, the delicate dance between caloric deficits and energy expenditure makes it difficult for any fast weight loss fix to help dieters maintain weight loss goals. Fell advocates for a customized approach overseen by a professional who can make necessary adjustments for best results.

Best ways to lose weight fast through caloric deficits

Caloric deficits are the key to dropping pounds quickly, which means dieters are burning more calories than they are taking in. In some cases, caloric deficit can be achieved through easy diets, while others prefer to create the deficit by ramping up the workout routine. Those that find a happy combination of diet and exercise often get the most value from their effort.

However, even combinations of caloric deficits won’t necessarily speed the process and help dieters maintain weight loss over the long term. The Chicago Tribune article cites statistics from weight loss experts who have discovered that caloric deficits begin to decrease after the first day of a diet, because the lower caloric intake prompts the body to burn calories at a slower rate. By the time a month has gone by, a 500-calorie reduction has dwindled to one-third or one-half, reducing the dieter’s ability to shed excess pounds effectively.

While cutting additional calories may continue the weight loss trend,  the Chicago Tribune article suggests that further caloric reduction may result in nutritional deficiencies. The more rapid approach to weight loss may also impact whether dieters can effectively keep the weight off long-term.

Maintain weight loss through physician-directed approach

Because the best ways to lose weight fast involve a complex combination of calorie intake and expenditure, physician-directed weight loss may be an effective option. Doctors at The Center for Medical Weight Loss focus on customizing weight loss plans to an individual’s specific needs. By establishing new healthy habits, those who want to lose weight can drop the pounds and keep them off.

Dr. Michael Kaplan, founder and chief medical officer of The Center for Medical Weight Loss, reports, “In fact, 95.3% of patients who followed a physician-based plan such as the program endorsed by CMWL maintained weight loss one year after starting their diet.”

CMWL offers physician-directed weight loss that has proven successful for many who want to maximize their slimming-down efforts, and really know how to lose weight. The Centers have 450 locations throughout the U.S.

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