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Five Simple Ideas for How to Lose Weight Quickly

W.L. Meyers | August 18th, 2012

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For some people struggling to find the easiest way to lose weight, the thought of following a strict nutrition plan can seem overwhelming.  Luckily, you don’t have to stick to a rigorous dietary regimen to lose weight – in fact, in some cases, depriving yourself entirely of the foods you love can lead to binge eating and can actually hinder your weight loss efforts.

Lose weight quickly with these ideas

Here are five simple tips that can help you shed excess weight quickly, without having to resort to the newest fad diet or intense physical activity.

Snack wisely: Choose from the abundance of fruits and vegetables available to you in your grocery store produce aisle, or opt instead for protein-rich foods such as almonds. In any case, munching on healthy snacks throughout the day can help you avoid the crash-and-burn cycle of overeating.  Try indulging in a healthy snack every three or four hours, and you’ll likely notice that not only are you eating less, but you have more energy throughout the day.  Some of the best diets promote a series of six small meals throughout the day, rather than three large ones.  In any case, be sure to eat whenever you’re hungry, as skipping meals can lead to overeating when you finally sit down to eat.

Drink water:  Staying hydrated will help you eat less, as water can help you to feel full.  Additionally, dehydration may also be mistaken for hunger, causing a person to binge on pizza and potato chips when what they really need is an ice-cold glass of H20.  Water is also a great substitute for sugary soft drinks and processed juice products.

Read labels:  Even nutritionists often severely underestimate the number of calories in some meal options, so it’s even tougher for an untrained person to try to estimate calories and fat content for every meal.  However, reviewing labels to check for things like calories and number of servings per container can help inform food choices.  Better yet, compare competing products, and choose the healthier option.  For instance, choosing popcorn over potato chips can save hundreds of calories.

Keep a food journal:  Some studies, including a recent study from the Kaiser Permanente Center, show that people who keep food journals are more likely to lose weight.  This may be because such journals make people become more cognizant of their food choices and patterns, and help them prevent unhealthy eating patterns.

Work it out: Perhaps you’ve always wanted to try salsa dancing, or taking a martial arts course.  Any bit of exercise will help you lose weight, and fun, active ways to get moving can also be entertaining and socially fulfilling.  Even simple tricks such as riding a bike instead of driving can help you burn calories, and the best part is, the more you do it, the more you’ll lose.

Talk to your doctor about finding the easiest way to lose weight

With so many of their patients struggling to lose weight, doctors have become increasingly active in providing support and some are even dedicating significant parts of their practice to providing physician-assisted weight loss programs.  One such program, known as The Center for Medical Weight Loss, is among the largest network of physicians practicing in this emerging and specialized area of medicine.

A study published in the American Journal of Medicine echoes the weight loss success stories coming out of each of the nation’s 450 Centers. According to study, the average person who follows such a customized physician-assisted weight loss program can expect to lose 11.1% of their body weight in just 12 weeks.  That means, the average patient loses 28 pounds and heavier patients lose even more.  Even more impressive and perhaps more important, 95.3% of the patients studied maintained weight loss after one year.

A weight loss program such as the ones offered by the Center for Medical Weight Loss can help you find and commit to the best diets for your lifestyle.  Center consultants can discuss potential options and work with you to address any dietary restrictions, all while offering you the support you need to show you how to lose weight quickly.  With more than 450 clinics across the country, the Center for Medical Weight Loss offers physician-directed management with proven results.  To learn more about the program, enter your zip code in the box above.  Introductory offers are available to first time visitors at many locations.