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Tips to Lose Weight: Experts Reveal Their Secrets

Whitney | August 22nd, 2012

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With many Americans today on the quest to shed excess and unwanted pounds, it’s no wonder more and more experts are “weighing” in with tips to lose weight quickly and effectively. The Huffington Post recently interviewed some of the top weight loss experts in the country today, to get their take on the best and easiest ways to lose weight fast. Check out these recommendations from nutrition and fitness gurus making headlines today.

Jim Karas: Snooze to Lose

Some studies have pointed to a good night’s sleep as one of the most important factors for losing weight, and now celebrity fitness trainer Jim Karas adds his two cents to that theory. Karas told the Huffington Post that learning how to lose weight fast may be as easy as getting sufficient shut-eye so the body’s hormones that regulate appetite can work more efficiently. Karas explains that sleep deprivation leads to lower levels of leptin in the body, which is the hormone that controls feelings of satiety. By the same token, less sleep causes ghrelin levels to go up, which can lead to increased feelings of hunger.

Cara Castronuova: Forget the Diet

Cara Castronuova, Golden Glove winner and “Biggest Loser” trainer, advises people who are serious about weight loss to “forget the diet.” Castronuova explains that the idea of a diet tends to trip people up, and results in binging and cheating behavior that will sabotage weight loss goals. Instead, Castronuova recommends healthy living, including regular exercise, and portion control as the key to weight loss. Castronuova has also advised dieters in the past to focus on complex carbs, fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins to keep them satiated without excess calorie consumption.

Jackie Warner: Work Stronger, Not Harder

Jackie Warner, celebrity fitness trainer, tells the Huffington Post that working out longer is less effective than working harder on the training you make time for. Warner recommends opting for shorter bursts of high-intensity aerobic exercise, rather than an hour of moderate physical activity daily. The author of “This is Why You’re Fat (and How to Get Thin Forever)” explains that “cardio acceleration,” a technique that combines aerobic exercise intervals with resistance training, is the most efficient way to rev up your metabolism to peak performance for maximum calorie burning.

While these tips to lose weight are certainly valuable, people who lose weight successfully — and for the long term — often do so with a program designed and supervised by a trained physician. The doctors at The Center for Medical Weight Loss customize a unique program for each patient to suit his or her specific lifestyle, medical condition, and weight loss goals.

The results speak for themselves: A study published in the American Journal of Medicine shows that the average patient on the program loses 11.1% of total body weight within 12 weeks. For someone who initially weighs 250 pounds, that comes out to 28 pounds lost in only three months. Heavier patients can expect to lose even more weight.

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