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New York Passes Controversial Soft Drink Ban

W.L. Meyers | September 21st, 2012

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In a historic move, the New York City Board of Health voted a support a ban on soft drinks larger than 16 ounces in restaurants, movie theaters and delis throughout the city.  The move is a calculated effort to combat America’s obesity epidemic, which is responsible for rapidly-increasing rates of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack and other side effects.  The ban will go into effect next March.

Though controversial, the new law emphasizes the government’s response to a growing medical crisis associated with obesity.  Each year, millions of government dollars are spent in hospitals treating patients who have complications associated with diabetes. Many of these complications would be preventable with dietary monitoring.

Regardless of the political implications and criticisms of the ban, there is substantial evidence to point to the fact that curbing sugar from your diet leads to a healthier lifestyle.  According to the data drawn upon in support of the ban, shrinking only one sugary drink from 20-counces to 16-ounces once every two weeks could collectively prevent 2.3 million pounds for New York City residents.

While it’s doubtful that the law will actually have such a measurable effect, the rationale behind the decision still applies.

A physician-assisted program can show you how to lose weight fast

Individuals who are looking for information as to how to lose weight fast may wish to consider a physician-assisted program to help take measures to help eliminate excess sugar from one’s diet.  One such as the one offered by The Center for Medical Weight Loss, which has trained physicians on staff to assist dieters with their individual weight loss needs.

A study in the American Journal of Science reports that people who partake in such programs experience, on average, a loss of 11.1% of body fat after 12 weeks, with almost 100% success in keeping the weight off for over a year.

Experts help show benefits of diet and exercise for weight loss

A medical practitioner can help you ascertain the benefits of diet and exercise for weight loss.  As part of the plan, a doctor can determine if excess sugar intake is causing an increase in caloric intake. Many people are surprised by the results.  he American Heart Association recommends only 100 calories of excess sugar per day; however, just one can of soda contains 126 calories in added sugars.

Easiest way to lose weight may be to cut out sugar

People who lose weight successfully can take the following steps to help prevent excess sugar intake:

  • Drink water: If you crave the sweet, refreshing taste of a sugary drink, try a flavored seltzer water, which may have only 0-10 calories.
  • Skip the latte: Specialty drinks from coffee retailers may have in excess of 500 calories.  If you need a mid-day pick-me-up, go for a plain old cup of joe instead.
  • Eat fruit: Fruit has natural sugars that serve as a healthier antidote to cravings for desserts and sugary drinks.
  • Avoid mindless eating: Many people unconsciously ingest calories while snacking and drinking soda in front of the television.  Prevent this by choosing to keep only healthy products in your home, and by choosing active instead of passive activities when possible.
  • Say no to the extras: It can be tempting to impulse buy a candy bar or soft drink anytime you’re in the grocery store or market.  Control the urge to splurge, and save calories as well as cash.

Those who are curious to find out more about how sugar may be affecting their health, or who are looking for the easiest way to lose weight for their body type, should consider contacting the experts at The Center for Medical Weight Loss in one of their 450 locations nationwide.  In some instances, special introductory offers are available for first-time clients.