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Best Diets From Around The World (Part 1)

W.L. Meyers | October 16th, 2012

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You don’t have to be an international jetsetter to learn the diet secrets of cultures around the globe. It’s well known that Americans are amongst the most obese populations in the world; however, incorporating international eating habits may prove the key for slimming down.

Below, we break down down diet habits from around the world based on Fitness Magazine’s report on the book The Jungle Effect: The Healthiest Diets from Around the World, by Daphne Miller, MD.

Physician directed programs offer guidance as to how to lose weight

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France: Moderation is the key to fast weight loss

French women have the lowest body fat index in all of Europe, in spite of the fact that the French are known for baking and churning out carb and fat-fueled delights such as bread, cheese and wine. How do they do it?

According to researchers, the French are able to maintain healthy weights due to moderation. Rather than eating a huge breakfast, as is typical in many American households, the French eat a light breakfast. They then eat a much larger lunch, and eat a minimal dinner.

The theory is that a bigger lunch allows individuals to remain fully throughout the day, causing them to feel less hungry in the evening, when they can then eat a lighter meal to last them through the night. Additionally, the French indulge in small but succulent desserts such as dark chocolate, which are so satisfying that they rarely need more than a few bites in order to feel full. Try incorporating some of these suggestions into your daily diet for fast weight loss.

Japan: Eating clear soup with each meal is one of the best ways to lose weight

The Japanese eat one of the healthiest diets in the world, diets which emphasize produce and miso with every meal (including breakfast). Clear soups and colorful vegetables are tremendously filling. The soups help the body to feel full earlier in the meal, causing people to eat less when they sit down for the main course, while the vegetables offer nutrients and substance instead of breads and cheeses that are packed full of sugars, carbs and fats, which are present in most American meals.

Additionally, people in Japan do not tend to eat until their plates are empty, which is common practice in America. Many Japanese are trained to only eat until they are about 80% full, which still offers more than enough nourishment to last them throughout the day.

Read on for part II of this post, which discusses Nordic and Mediterranean diet tips and offers more suggestions as to the best diets practiced by people who lose weight successfully.

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