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How to Lose Weight: Best Diet Choices

Whitney | October 4th, 2012

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Learning how to lose weight involves the process of burning more calories than you consume. But did you know that not all calories are created equal? According to a recent report on Fox News, some foods pack a more powerful weight loss punch than others. If you are searching for the best diet to lose weight, consider adding these foods to your menu.

How To Lose Weight Fast with Exercise and Diet

The calorie balance is something doctors who specialize in weight loss, such as the physicians at The Center for Medical Weight Loss, focus on every day. By helping patients learn how to lose weight through eating the right foods, burning fat and calories, and remaining motivated throughout, the Center’s doctors have produced an exceptionally high number of successful weight loss stories. A study published in the American Journal of Medicine reported that patients in the program lost an average of 11.1% of their total body weight in just 12 weeks — and over 95% of them maintained weight loss after one year.

As doctors at the Center know, the right choice of food plays an important role in healthy, fast weight loss.

How Do You Lose Weight? These Foods are a Start

Dr. David Samadi, a board-certified urologist and contributor to Fox, offered a list of rather surprising foods to add to your daily menu. These foods were selected based on their ability to rev up the metabolism, or help dieters feel full for longer. Some of the foods that made Dr. Samadi’s list include:

  • Pears and apples – These fruits are high in fiber, which helps the body feel full longer. They are also packed with nutrients like vitamin C.
  • Peanut butter – It may not be your impression of a weight loss food, but in addition to being high in protein, peanut butter is also high in fiber, to keep you satiated longer. Choose natural options that are lower in sugar to control calorie counts.
  • String Cheese – Low-fat dairy foods are high in protein and make a satisfying snack any time of the day. Learning how to lose weight effectively means understanding the important role protein plays in a weight loss program. This food keeps you feeling full while giving you a good serving of calcium and vitamin A.
  • Peppers – This spicy food offers ingredients that rev up the metabolism for more efficient calorie burning. Black pepper contains piperine, which may increase energy expenditure, according to recent studies.

The Best Diet to Lose Weight Needs a Little Help

Dieters will get better results when they combine their low-calorie menu with other elements. A physician-guided weight loss program, like the one offered through The Center for Medical Weight Loss, is often the best solution for those who are serious about achieving weight loss goals.

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