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How to Boost Your Metabolism for Fast Weight Loss

Whitney | November 21st, 2012

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When you are learning how to lose weight, the metabolism is a key element to dropping unwanted pounds both quickly and safely. Simply described, the metabolism is how your body converts the food you eat into energy.  When we learn how to boost metabolism, we create calorie-burning machines that shed excess pounds that much more effectively.

The doctors at the Center for Medical Weight Loss understand how metabolic rate affects an individual’s ability to lose weight. They also know that metabolism varies from person to person. The physicians at the Center evaluate each client’s metabolic rate before developing a weight loss program that works best for the individual. Doctors are specially trained to accurately predict exactly how much weight their clients will lose within their first six weeks on the program.

Foods that boost metabolism

A number of foods have been shown to increase metabolic rate, including hot peppers, green tea and some types of fish. Lean protein is another smart option for boosting the metabolism, so stock up on non-fat yogurt, milk and cheese. Resistant starches, such as beans, whole grains and bananas have also been shown to increase your metabolic rate, since your body has to work harder to break them down.

How you eat can be just as important as what you eat, when it comes to fast weight loss. Scientists have found that eating actually revs up your metabolism. By consuming small meals every three hours, you can maintain a higher metabolic rate. However, this doesn’t give you free license to graze on fat-laden snacks throughout the day. Opt for low-calorie, nutritious foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy and protein-packed options like eggs and nuts.

Other metabolism-boosting tips

Learning how to lose weight fast doesn’t just involve the right menu. Here are some other effective ways to get your metabolism cranked up:

  • Cardiovascular exercise burns calories and keeps your metabolic rate high for hours afterward
  • Add strength training to your regimen, since lean muscle mass results in a higher metabolic rate
  • Drink a minimum of eight, cold glasses of water daily to maximize your metabolic rate
  • Get eight hours of sleep each night to ensure your body has sufficient time to recharge
  • Have a light snack before bed to keep metabolism going strong all night long

The physician-guided programs at the Center for Medical Weight Loss take full advantage of metabolic boosting techniques to maximize weight loss results. Doctors formulate a program that emphasizes diet, exercise and individual counseling to help clients realize their ideal weight in a healthy manner that promotes long-term results.

Currently, there are around 450 Centers nationwide helping people lose weight – and keep it off for good. Are you ready to become their next weight loss success story? To find out more about physician-assisted weight loss or to find a Center in your neighborhood, just enter your zip code in the box at the right. Special introductory offers are available to first-time clients in select locations.