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Can Mobile Apps Help You Lose Weight?

Whitney | December 20th, 2012

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Are There Easy Ways to Lose Weight with Mobile Devices?Want to learn how to lose weight? There is now an app for that. According to a recent study, dieters that used mobile devices to track the number of calories they consumed and burned lost more weight than those that did not. The addition of calorie-tracking apps, occasional phone contact with a weight loss coach and the support of a group program made a substantial difference in how much weight study subjects lost and how long they kept the weight off once they reached their goals.

Physicians at The Center for Medical Weight Loss agree that regular tracking of progress and the support of a trained specialist makes a big difference in weight loss success. The center offers customizable weight loss solutions to clients that are accompanied by regular one-on-one counseling sessions with a doctor. According to results published in the American Journal of Medicine, patients on average lose 11.1 percent of their total body weight in just 12 weeks on the diet and exercise program.

How to lose weight with mobile apps

For this study, which was published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, scientists worked with 69 adults, on average in their 50s, who had been categorized as overweight or obese. All of the individuals were enrolled in a group weight loss program that focused on healthy eating and exercise. Half of the subjects were selected randomly to receive ongoing support through tech tools, in addition to the monthly classes. The rest attended the classes only.

Individuals were monitored for weight loss results over three months to one year. Researchers found that the adults that had access to the tech tools lost up to seven pounds more than the individuals that only attended classes. Those individuals were also more likely to lose a higher percentage of their body mass – up to five percent – halfway into the year. Finally, those with the tech tools and occasional support also managed to keep the weight off for one year or longer.

Best weight loss program includes tracking and support

Researchers involved in the study stated that success appeared to come from a combination of the patient’s ability to track calories daily and knowledge that support was just a phone call away. Through a weight loss coach that checked in with dieters by phone regularly, study participants had the accountability and motivation they needed to reach their weight loss goals.

The Center for Medical Weight Loss also believes that, though for many there may be no easy ways to lose weight, ongoing support and monitoring of progress is essential for long-term weight loss success. The staff at the Center meet regularly with patients to track progress and offer encouragement and weight loss tips, working with each individual one-on-one to find the best weight loss program for him or her.

There are more than 450 locations nationwide to help people reach their weight loss goals. See people who have successfully lost weight on the program, and enter your zip code in the box at the right to find a center near you. Introductory offers are available for first-time visitors at select locations.