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How To Lose Weight Quickly and Safely

Jessie Whitman | December 18th, 2012

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How do you lose weight fast with exercise when you are borderline obese? That is the question Breanna Bond’s parents asked when their 9-year-old daughter tipped the scales at a whopping 186 pounds.

After Breanna’s parents saw the negative effects the excess weight had on their daughter’s health and emotional state, they created a weight loss plan that consisted of a low-fat diet and daily workout routine. By strictly following the weight-loss plan, Breanna quickly lost 66 pounds in just under one year.

Breanna’s parents found a plan that worked for their daughter, and if you have questions about the best approach for your situation, The Center for Medical Weight Loss has the resources to help.  The nation’s largest network of weight loss physicians, the Center specializes in designing customized weight-loss plans for each client. The multi-faceted program provides dietary and exercise guidelines and counseling that helps people achieve fast weight loss under a doctor’s supervision.

Health benefits of losing weight

Obesity is linked to increased risks of developing cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and other medical conditions. In Breanna’s case, her weight problems not only caused her to have breathing difficulties, she was also unable to keep up with her friends and was teased at school. Breanna’s parents knew that if their daughter didn’t make lifestyle changes, her weight would lead to more severe health problems.

The whole family began taking walks on a 4-mile trail close to their home in Clovis, California. To add variety to her workouts, Breanna became a member of the swim team and played basketball.  Breanna’s  workout routine also consisted of using the treadmill for an hour and fifteen minutes every day. And she limited her fat intake to 20 grams per day.

Breanna quickly shed 37 pounds after she started eating a healthier diet and exercising on a regular basis. It took less than a year for her to lose a total of 66 pounds. After losing the weight Breanna was able to move for extended periods of time without being fatigued, and could enjoy more activities with her friends.

Even when people lose 5% – 10% of their body weight, it significantly improves their health. According to Dr. Michael Kaplan, the founder of The Center for Medical Weight Loss, combining a nutritionally-sound diet with regular exercise will not only help you feel better, but it can also completely reverse medical conditions such as type 2 diabetes. Moderate weight loss also helps lower blood pressure, improve blood sugar levels, and reduce cholesterol. Dr. Kaplan has treated many clients who no longer needed medication once they achieved a healthy weight.

How to lose weight fast with exercise and physician guidance

The physicians at The Center for Medical Weight Loss understand that one weight loss plan doesn’t fit the needs of every individual. A person’s health status, lifestyle and weight loss goals are some of the factors the physicians take into consideration when designing tailored plans for each client.

How do you lose weight quickly and keep it off for good? Experts at the Center will show you how. A study published in the American Journal of Medicine concluded that patients at The Center for Medical Weight Loss lost an average of 28 pounds and 95% of them maintained the weight loss for more than one year.

The Center has more than 450 locations across the country, and introductory offers are available to first-time clients in select locations. Enter your zip code in the box above to find a center nearest you.