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How to Stay Fit During the Winter

Jessie Whitman | January 8th, 2013

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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle may seem more difficult during the winter months. Snow, cold temperatures, rain and less sunlight during the day can dampen the motivation to exercise on a consistent basis. Fortunately, your options for learning how to lose weight fast with exercise don’t have to be limited during the winter season. Fast weight loss can still be achieved by balancing a nutritious diet and figuring out creative ways to exercise despite the chilly weather.

The physicians at The Center for Medical Weight Loss specialize in helping clients lose weight quickly and safely. They take a multi-faceted approach to weight loss that incorporates a low-calorie diet with fat burning workouts and one-on-one counseling. Shedding excess pounds and keeping them off isn’t only about looking better, but it’s essential to be as healthy as possible.

Effective exercise tips for the winter

Even though it’s cold and there is snow on the ground, you can still get a good workout by going outside. Use the winter weather to your advantage. Bundle up in layers to stay warm and take a walk. When you are walking or hiking through the snow, it takes more effort to complete your workout. You end up increasing your blood flow and burning more calories since these activities are slightly more difficult given the inclement conditions.

The winter is also a great time to participate in activities such as ice skating, skiing or snowboarding, which you can engage in with family and friends. You’re bound to have fun while exercising different muscles and improving your overall physical fitness.

There are definitely times during the winter when the weather conditions are hazardous and exercising outside isn’t a viable option. Don’t let this stop you from continuing with your diet and workout regimen. Get the exercise you need at home by using cardio, strength-training, yoga, or pilates DVDs. Even if you don’t have exercise DVDs on hand, you can still exert some energy by doing lunges, sit-ups, and other types of activity while watching your favorite TV programs.

How to lose weight fast with exercise

There is no reason to let the winter months interfere with your weight loss program and the desire to be healthier. If you are interested in finding out the easiest ways to lose weight year-round, the physicians at The Center for Medical Weight Loss can help you achieve your goals. The Center’s staff understand that the best way for clients to lose weight effectively is by creating a customized program that combines diet and exercise in a manner that suits each client’s lifestyle.

According to a study published in the American Journal of Medicine, clients at the Center lost an average of 28 pounds in 12 weeks. Nearly 95 percent of those patients kept the weight off for more than a year. The Center for Medical Weight Loss has such a high success rate because the physicians and professional staff ensure that the medical, physical and emotional needs of the clients are met.

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