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Using Twitter Can Help You Lose Weight, Says Study

Whitney | January 29th, 2013

Easiest Ways to Lose Weight - Weight Loss OnlineFor those in search of how to lose weight fast, there may be another tool in the arsenal – a Twitter account. A recent study suggests that social media like Twitter could help dieters shed more weight overall. Researchers found that those that used Twitter for diet support lost more weight than those that did not use social media for this purpose.

Study finds Twitter support aids weight loss

Researchers from the University of South Carolina’s Arnold School of Public Health followed 96 men and women who were either classified as overweight or obese. All of the subjects used a mobile device to gain access to a program for weight loss online. The program provided biweekly podcasts to all of the participants with information about nutrition, exercise and other weight loss subjects. Half of the group also received a Twitter app that allowed them to interact with a weight loss counselor and other dieters.

The study found that while dieters from both groups shed pounds over a six-month period, those with the Twitter app lost more. In fact, every 10 Twitter posts resulted in approximately 0.5 percent more weight loss. Around 2,650 tweets were posted during that time, with three-quarters pertaining to information posts and the rest dedicated to tweets that were classified by study researchers as more emotional in nature. Emotional posts included compliments, esteem support, and active listening, according to researchers.

Additional studies tout online weight loss benefits

While this may be the first research on how to lose weight fast using Twitter, other studies have shown online weight loss programs may offer an advantage. A study published last year by The Cochrane Library suggests that the support provided by online programs may reap significant weight loss benefits. However, the study also suggested that while online support is beneficial, one-on-one support is still associated with the most significant long-term weight loss results.

One-on-one support still the best way to ensure effective weight loss

The physicians at the Center for Medical Weight Loss offer just such a one-on-one program, customizing weight loss solutions for their clients that combine low-calorie diets, exercise and personalized counseling. A study published in American Journal of Medicine shows that the average person at the center loses 11.1 percent of their total body weight in the first 12 weeks on the program.

In addition, patients at the Center for Medical Weight Loss learn healthy lifestyle choices that help them keep the weight off over the long term. The same study revealed that 95.3 percent of Center patients maintained their weight loss after one year. The secret to success is customizing a weight loss program to an individual’s specific metabolic makeup and medical needs, then providing ongoing support and counseling until weight loss goals are met.

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