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New Diet From “Biggest Loser” Coach Focuses On Practical Results

Sarah | March 19th, 2013

Best Way To Lose WeightThe weight loss industry has another candidate for the ever-changing list of best diets. Fitness guru Jillian Michaels, best known as a fitness coach on NBC’s ‘The Biggest Loser,’ has released a new book, “Slim for Life: My Insider Secrets to Simple, Fast and Lasting Weight Loss,” offering all that she has learned about healthy eating habits and fitness. The book aims to set forth a clear and simple diet and exercise plan that delivers the best way to lose weight for people whose efforts to slim down may have failed in the past.

Healthy eating habits from ‘Biggest Loser’ guru

Michaels, the 5-foot-2-inch drill-sergeant trainer on NBC’s popular reality weight loss show ‘The Biggest Loser,’ is out to help you win the battle to lose weight and stay healthy. The diet plan is aimed toward anyone trying to be trim, strong, and healthy. The book contains Michaels’ insider secrets for burning fat and avoiding diet trends that make losing weight more difficult by damaging your metabolism. The diet focuses on your state of mind, helping dieters avoid self-sabotage, and build support that cultivates motivation.

Michaels gives the reader practical tips on navigating  the common pitfalls facing the modern dieter, such as travel, budget, and time constraints. She outlines healthy eating habits and ways to exercise that maximize weight loss and facilitate a slim and sexier body. The book focuses on your entire lifestyle, showing how things like the proper home and beauty products can facilitate weight loss and improving your overall health.

Michaels relies on point system as best way to lose weight

Michaels’ diet is based upon a point system.  Totaling the points you earn can predict the rate of your weight loss.  Michaels also prescribes workouts detailed to calories-per-minute burned for each exercise.

The book is packed with practical advice. For example, Michaels advises that dieters eat healthy before going out to a party, where fattening hors d’oeuvres may tempt you. She also identifies  “danger words” like smothered, loaded, tender, deep-fried and creamy, so dieters can easily identify foods to avoid.  She even helps dieters identify which aisles at the supermarket are typically the healthiest and which are the most fattening (hint:  avoid the center aisles, which often are stocked with junk food, in favor of the store perimeter, where fresh produce is commonly stocked).

Best diets customized by weight loss professionals

Making lifestyle modifications is key to losing weight in the long term. Dieters should look for ways to promote healthy eating habits that are sustainable for lifelong health. One of the best ways to lose weight is through a physician-developed weight loss program.

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