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Answers to Exercise Quiz

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Here are the Answers to the Exercise Quiz:

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Question 1) To lower your fat percentage with aerobic exercise, it is essential to work out as hard as possible to maximize your heart rate.

Answer: FALSE. The best way to lower fat percentage with aerobic exercise is to keep your heart rate at 60-75% of its maximum rate. The maximum heart rate is determined by subtracting your age from 220. For a 35 year old, that means that 60% of maximum heart rate — the ideal rate for burning fat — is 125 beats per minute.

Question 2) Aerobic exercise is always more effective than anaerobic exercise (weights and resistance training) in lowering your fat percentage.

Answer: FALSE. Each individual’s genetic makeup and metabolism will determine the best combination of physical activities for lowering fat percentage. The doctors at CMWL can get a precise gauge of what exercises will work best for you based on periodic body composition analysis (BCA) readings.

Question 3) Some people have great success lowering fat percentage by doing only anaerobic exercise (weights and resistance training).

Answer: TRUE. The general rule is that people under 30 have better results with anaerobic activity, though only a BCA test performed by the trained doctors at CMWL can provide precise answers for each individual.

Question 4) Some individuals have great success in lowering their fat percentages only by doing aerobic (cardiovascular) exercises.

Answer: TRUE. The general rule is that people over 40 have better results with aerobic activity.

Question 5) Most people can maintain significant weight loss with good diet habits only, and exercise is usually not necessary.

Answer: FALSE: The national weight control registry determined that it is nearly impossible to keep 100 pounds off for more than 10 years without 30 minutes or more of exercise at least three times a week.

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