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Best Diets

When dieters go on the hunt for the best weight loss program, they have plenty of choices. From fad diets that restrict food choices, to complex programs designed to mix and match food choices based on your blood type, there is no shortage of available options.

But which one is the best diet to lose weight? The short answer would be the one that works for you. But first you have to do your research.

Check out some of the most popular diets on the market today:

Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet is comprised primarily of lean meats and fish, accompanied by fresh fruits and vegetables. The diet is based on food that humans are pre-genetically disposed to need prior. The theory behind this diet is that we should eat only what cavemen ate.  Followers believe that they will be not only in better physical condition, but that they will also avoid developing certain diseases that are caused by “civilized” food. For example, dieters do not eat any dairy products or whole grains.

Though the diet does help many lose weight, it is not for everyone. A diet comprised largely of meat is unsuitable for vegetarians and is therefore clearly not be one of the easiest ways to lose weight for them. Though the health benefits have not yet been proven, they haven’t been discredited either.

South Beach Diet

This program has been touted as one of the best diets for fast weight loss. The plan focuses on replacing bad carbohydrates and fats with better choices. The menu consists of three meals and two snacks a day, with three phases of the diet to work through. While it makes US News list of best diets, there is some question over how easy it is to maintain the weight loss long term.  Another pitfall of the diet is that some followers have complained about its ease of use. The restrictive food choices and meal preparation time make sticking to the plan somewhat difficult for many. Again, this diet is certainly effective, but perhaps not one of the easiest options.

Center for Medical Weight Loss Diet

Medical weight loss offers one of the best diets to patients who have been unsuccessful doing the work on their own.

The Center for Medical Weight Loss offers physician-guided weight loss programs that are customized to a patient’s unique needs. Dr. Michael Kaplan, founder and chief medical officer of the Center, has demonstrated that through diet, exercise and personalized counseling, patients can lose an average of 11.1 percent of their body weight in 12 weeks.  The American Journal of Medicine reported these findings and further demonstrated that over 95% of dieters maintained weight loss after one full year.

The customized approach utilized here actually teaches patients how to diet by giving them easy steps to lose weight.

Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet makes the list primarily due to its heart-healthy benefits. This program is modeled after the typical diet found in the Mediterranean region, which consists of fruits and vegetables, olive oil, beans and nuts, and fish. The diet also emphasizes use of spices to add flavor to food, and replacing butter with olive oil and other healthy fats.

Weight Watchers Diet

One of the best known diets due to its longevity, this is still considered to offer some of the best weight loss tips available. This plan, formerly focused on calorie counting, now offers a numeric value to every food that tells a dieter how hard your body will have to work to burn off calories consumed. In addition to calories, values are factored by nutritional value of the food.

Glycemic Index Diet

Also referred to as the GI diet, this program measures the number of carbohydrates consumed, rather than the number of calories. The plan serves as a foundation for other diet programs, including the South Beach and Zone diets. This program is considered among the best because it also helps diabetics manage their blood sugar levels.

Zone Diet

The Zone diet works on the theory that cellular inflammation contributes to weight gain, so by reducing inflammation, weight can be effectively reduced as well. Dieters are required to divide their plate into specific portion sizes each mealtime, with 2/3 of the plate filled with carb-rich fruits and vegetables and the last third consisting of low-fat protein.

How to lose weight and keep it off

Consumers’ endless search for the best diets has led to the creation of countless weight loss programs.  In addition to the programs described above, other diets to lose weight include:

However, when choosing your own best way to lose weight, it is important to look at what the science has to say about the overall effectiveness of the plan, what average people have to say about their experience on the program, and whether it provides results that will last over time.

Get started on your best diet today. Find a support group or talk to your doctor.  Perhaps there is a Center for Medical Weight Loss  near you! To find out, enter your zip code in the box to the right. Go out there and become one of today’s latest, greatest weight loss success stories!