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17 Day Diet: Does It Work?

With obesity on the rise, many Americans are searching for the best diet to lose weight. One of the latest weight loss regimens to make headlines is the “17 day diet” – a carbohydrate cycling plan that reportedly tricks your body into burning more fat. Created by family medical doctor, Michael Moreno M.D., the diet involves four 17-day cycles that attempt to “confuse your metabolism” through altered dietary plans. Dr. Moreno claims people can shed 10 to 15 pounds in the first phase, which restricts calories to just 1,200 per day. His theory is that through calorie shifting, the body never plateaus and is more inclined to drop weight.

For many, the first cycle is low in calories and fiber, leading nutritionists to suggest a multi-vitamin supplement during the initial two phases. According to the Dr. Moreno, the 17 day diet isn’t safe for teenagers, pregnant woman, or those with Type 1 diabetes.

Individuals who are seeking the best weight loss program—one that is both safe and effective—should consider the advantages of a physician-supervised plan, like those offered at The Center for Medical Weight Loss. Their programs, customized especially for each individual’s unique needs, focus on sustainability by encouraging healthy lifestyle changes that promote lasting results. The best diets are the ones that show long-lasting results: In a study published by the American Journal of Medicine, the average patient following a personalized program at The Center for Medical Weight Loss lost 11.1% of their body weight in just 12 weeks.That comes out to 28 pounds for someone who started out at 25o pounds. And 95.3% of people studied were able to maintain weight loss after one year.

17 day diet: four cycles

  1. Days 1-17 (Accelerate): Restrict your daily caloric intake to 1,200 by reducing carbs to encourage fat burning. This initial phase promises a 10-15 pound weight loss, which is mainly water weight.
  2. Days 18-34 (Activate): In cycle 2 you begin carbohydrate cycling, by increasing your caloric intake to 1,500 per day to help reset the metabolism and prevent plateaus.
  3. Days 35-52 (Achieve): Cycle 3 is a stabilization phase where more grains and fruit are added, and weight loss begins to slow down.
  4. Days 52 – ongoing (Arrive): Your goal weight has been achieved by the final phase. Dieters can maintain this weight by cycling through phases 1-3 during weekdays, with splurges on forbidden foods allowed on the weekends.

Throughout the first two cycles, dieters should do some form of light exercise at least 17 minutes each day. As the caloric intake increases in later cycles, Dr. Moreno suggests two to five hours of weekly exercise to support continued weight loss.

All four cycles emphasize clean eating, with dieters avoiding fried and processed foods and added sugars. Chicken breast, eggs, yogurt, berries, broccoli, cucumber, grapefruit and asparagus are suggested. Here’s a sample meal plan from phase one:

  • Breakfast – grapefruit, scrambled eggs and one cup of green tea
  • Lunch – Large green salad with broccoli, carrots, tomatoes and 2 boiled eggs
  • Snack – Low-fat yogurt with berries
  • Dinner – Turkey breast with steamed carrots and asparagus

How to lose weight fast: physician-guided programs

While the 17 day diet may promote weight loss, it doesn’t address the day-to-day behavioral issues that are fundamental to lasting change. Some experts approve of the plan’s limited intake of processed foods and unhealthy carbs, but disagree on the diet’s metabolism theory and restriction of fruits and low-fat dairy.

If you have been struggling to shed extra pounds and are tired of yo-yo dieting, the highly-trained physicians at The Center for Medical Weight Loss can show you how to lose weight fast through portion control, moderate exercise and other guidelines that are simple to follow.

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