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Mediterranean Diet

Diets That WorkOne of today’s most highly touted diets, both for weight loss and for overall health, is the Mediterranean diet. People living in Mediterranean countries boast a lower incidence of some types of cancer and heart disease than the rest of the globe. Now, this diet is getting attention worldwide, as more people are tuning into its cardiovascular and weight loss benefits.

Best way to lose weight: eat healthy

The premise of the Mediterranean diet is simple; plan your meals around fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats. People on this diet eat between seven and 10 helpings of fruits and vegetables each day. They also eat more whole grain breads and pastas. In addition, this diet plan recommends plenty of nuts, beans and legume for fiber and nutrients.

The type of fats consumed also characterizes the diet. Instead of using butter or margarine on bread or pasta, this diet calls for a splash of healthy olive oil to add flavor. Extra virgin olive oil is loaded with phytochemicals that provide a plethora of healthy benefits. The food can also be enhanced with spices and seasonings that offer nutrients without additional fat or calories.

How to lose weight on the Mediterranean diet

There is no doubt that the Mediterranean diet provides healthy benefits for the heart and body, but is it one of the easiest ways to lose weight? The good news is the fundamentals are already in place. In addition to a diet rich in fresh plant-based foods, daily physical exercise and leisurely dining are also staples of the plan. However, some of the foods in the diet, such as nuts and red wine, are high in calories and will need to be limited for weight loss to be effective.

The Mediterranean eating plan proves that the best diets involve more than just food selection; the ideal program combines diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle choices for positive results. Physicians at The Center for Medical Weight Loss agree that learning how to lose weight effectively involves more than simply switching the foods on your plate. The menu must be combined with other healthy habits, such as physical activity and personalized counseling and support, if dieters are to reach their weight loss goals.

The Center for Medical Weight Loss teaches clients how to lose weight with eating plans that may incorporate elements of the Mediterranean diet. However, physicians there have produced thousands of stories of weight loss success stories by customizing programs to a patient’s unique needs and goals. The average patient at the Center loses 11.1 percent of their total body weight in the first 12 weeks on the program, according to research published in the American Journal of Medicine. Over 95% keep weight off after one year or more.

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