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Easy Weight Loss: 10 Painless Ways to Lose Weight

Losing weight is never easy, but that doesn’t mean it always has to be hard. One of the best ways to achieve long-term weight loss is to start small, by losing a few pounds in a short time. Not only will you give yourself some positive reinforcement that will motivate you for the weeks and months to come, but you will start to establish healthy eating and lifestyle habits that will have you looking and feeling better.

For those who are looking to discover how to lose weight effectively over the long term, the best solution might be a diet and exercise program put together with the help of a specially trained weight loss doctor, such as the physicians at The Center For Medical Weight Loss. The doctors at the Center have helped produce thousands of successful weight loss stories by customizing plans to suit each individual’s unique needs and goals.

Recent research speaks well of the results: In a study published in the American Journal of Medicine, the average patient at the Center was found to lose 11.1% of total body weight in 12 weeks. For someone starting at a weight of 250 pounds, that’s 28 pounds lost. People who start out heavier can expect to lose more weight. Furthermore, over 95% of patients were found to maintain weight loss after one year.

Easy Steps to Lose Weight

For those looking to take the first “baby steps” towards losing weight, here are a few easy ways to lose weight that will help you get the ball rolling:

Eat Foods You Like: When most of us think of diets, we think of cutting out foods that are bad for us. But one of the best tricks for sticking to a diet is to add as many foods as you take away. Pick healthy foods that you like (carrots, grapes, blueberries, snowpeas, nuts, etc.) and make sure to include them (within moderation, of course) in your daily meals and snacks.

Exercise Comes in Many Forms: Sticking to a demanding weekly workout regimen can be difficult, both in terms of time and finding the constant motivation. One skipped workout can seem to derail the whole process. Instead, pick physical activities that you enjoy or which seem easily manageable: Dance class, bike riding, mowing the lawn, using the stairs at work instead of the elevator, etc. The good feeling you get from physical activity, including that increased serotonin level, will be the best argument for ramping up your workout schedule.

Take a Walk: You don’t have to train for a marathon in order to lose weight; walking can be enough. Even just a 10-minute walk every day can help you speed up your metabolism, which helps you burn calories not only while you are walking, but all through the day.

Switch to Low Fat: Low-fat dairy products, lean meats, diet sodas all make for good substitutions when you are trying to control your calorie intake without starving yourself.

Stay Hydrated: Drinking a glass of water before and after meals will help you feel less hungry and satiated more quickly, helping to prevent you from overeating. Staying hydrated through the day will also help you work out for longer periods of time.

Small Portions: Many of us are habituated to clearing our plates at meals, no matter how large or small the portions. When cooking at home, put less food on the plate; when you’re finished, you’ll likely feel as full as if you’d eaten twice as much. When eating out, order appetizers instead of entrees, or split the entrees that you do order with another person. You’ll keep your calorie count down and save money at the same time.

Eat Less, More Often: Instead of skipping breakfast with a coffee and then eating a big lunch and dinner, spread multiple meals and snacks throughout the day. If you establish a pattern of eating a small meal or snack every few hours throughout the day your metabolism will pick up, and start to burn calories quicker and more efficiently.

Exercise While Watching TV: Most Americans spend hours every day watching TV — so why not maximize that time by getting healthy? Do time on the exercise bike or treadmill while watching your favorite shows. If you’re more ambitious use exercise programs on Wii or Xbox, or pop in your favorite exercise DVD.

Distract Yourself: Don’t allow all of your life’s focus to be on your diet and losing weight. Keep busy and active with hobbies and other pursuits —sports, painting, book club, charity work, home improvements, etc.—to distract you from worrying about food.

Be patient: Rome wasn’t built in a day. If you set up unrealistic expectations for short-term weight loss results, you may only end up discouraged and unlikely to continue with your diet. Instead, remember that sustainable weight loss is a long and steady process. For instance, don’t weigh yourself three times a day, but once a week to monitor your progress.

How Do You Lose Weight? Ask Your Doctor

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