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Fat Burning Foods

Fat Burning FoodsIn our continued search for new and easy ways to lose weight, one of the best solutions is tried and true: a controlled diet. Without taking drastic measures, a healthy eating plan that includes generous servings of fiber plus antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables is a sensible approach for shedding those extra pounds. For an added boost to your fitness plan, try incorporating more fat burning foods into your daily menu. By choosing foods that burn fat naturally and avoiding high-calorie, processed treats, we can help our bodies digest more efficiently and blast away those unwanted belly rolls.

Best fat burning foods

These proven fat burners can start working on your waistline the moment they enter your mouth. They boost the metabolism, regulate digestion, and burn calories, helping dieters lose weight.

Some of the best fat burning foods include:

  • Whole grains: Load up on oatmeal for breakfast, and swap out white bread for the whole grain variety when making your next sandwich. Your body expends twice as much energy breaking down these whole foods compared to processed items.
  • Quinoa: Many consider this nutritional powerhouse the best fat burner of all. With a whopping eight grams of protein and five grams of fiber in one cup, this ancient grain keeps you feeling full for hours. Plus it’s chock full of iron, selenium, zinc, and vitamin E.
  • Cinnamon: This delicious spice has been shown to stabilize blood sugar levels, helping dieters ward off hunger cravings. Add some to your coffee, tea, or yogurt to give a touch of sweetness without the extra calories.
  • Lean meats: Easy ways to burn calories include adding protein to your diet. Lean cuts of meat like chicken breast and turkey have a high thermogenic effect – around 30 percent. In other words, you’ll burn an estimated 90 calories digesting a 300-calorie chicken breast.
  • Green Tea: According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, four cups of green tea a day can help people drop six pounds in just two months. Thanks to phytochemicals, green tea fires up fat burning from within.
  • Hot Peppers: Perhaps one of the most famous fat burning foods, hot peppers contain capsaicin that temporarily revs up the metabolism. Habañeros have the most of this fat-burning ingredient, but jalapeños also do the trick for those who don’t love super spicy food.
  • Coffee:  While it’s best to steer clear of mocha cappuccinos topped with whipped cream, a regular cup of joe can boost the metabolism for several hours.
  • Watermelon: Raw fruits like watermelon that are high in water content take up more room in the stomach, tricking our brains into thinking we’re full. As an added bonus, watermelon is full of nutrients and low in calories.
  • Greek Yogurt: With more than twice as much protein as normal varieties, Greek yogurt takes longer to leave the stomach as the body works hard to digest, so it burns more calories. And the added protein keeps you sated longer.
  • Nuts: Research suggests that nuts like almonds, pistachios, walnuts, and pecans can help promote weight loss while lowering bad cholesterol levels. Keep them handy as a heart-healthy snack between meals.

Fat burning frauds: dangerous diet pills

In the world of fad diets, there have been many over-the-counter products and supplements making unsubstantiated claims about their ability to whittle the waistline with nothing more than one pill a day. The truth is that many products that are designed to increase the metabolism often contain ingredients similar to Ephedra – which is now banned in the United States. Side effects of fat burning diet pills may include high blood pressure, irregularities in heart rate, and even seizures, heart attacks, or death. Other supplements that are made to prevent dietary fat from being absorbed have been linked to unpleasant gastrointestinal problems such as indigestion, cramping, diarrhea, and flatulence, and may impede the body’s ability to absorb vital minerals and nutrients. Even so-called herbal or natural fat burners like chitosan, bitter orange and chromium, which are considered “safe,” lack the long-term medical studies to prove their efficacy.

A better, safer solution to weight loss

While foods that burn belly fat can be a great addition to your normal diet, a physician-supported medical weight loss program can integrate the positive aspects of fat burning foods into a comprehensive plan – one that guarantees long-term success. At the Center for Medical Weight Loss, health experts work with each client, providing easy steps to lose weight and keep it off for good.  Their multi-dimensional approach includes a well-balanced low-calorie diet, regular exercise, and one-on-one counseling to help you stay on track.

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