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How to Lose Weight Fast

An estimated 45 million Americans diet every year, and in their pursuit of a trimmer physique, they spend more than $33 billion on quick fix products that promise fast weight loss. While many popular diets market themselves as silver bullets – the easy answer to our growing waistlines – they’re rarely designed to give permanent results, and some carry serious health risks that aren’t worth taking.

Medical experts agree that those seeking answers about how to lose weight quickly are best served with an old-fashioned approach: a combination of healthy eating and moderate exercise. And with more than two-thirds of Americans over their ideal weight, many are turning to customized weight loss programs rather than the one-size-fits-all approach. Read more about how to lose weight fast with exercise.

Fad diets are not “fast” weight loss diets

Self-proclaimed “easy ways to lose weight” such as Atkins and South Beach – typically dismissed as fad diets – tout themselves as lifestyle choices; but the reality is their severe dietary restrictions often fail to lead to long-term success. Dieters may lose several pounds in the first few days, only to regain it all after reverting to their old eating habits. Though tempting since diets like these do seem to help people desperately trying to figure out how to lose weight fast, fad diets are ultimately more detrimental, as they actually slow down the metabolism, making it difficult to lose weight in the future.  With many such diets promoting extreme calorie restriction and limited food choices, these types of programs are not always in line with ways to lose weight safely. Read about weight loss pills and superfoods.

A healthy method for fast weight loss

Both diet and exercise are keys to losing weight, but many individuals are challenged to find a balance that’s effective for their specific goals and way of life. Dr. Michael Kaplan, founder of The Center for Medical Weight Loss, believes the best weight loss program is one that integrates the supervision and expertise of a medical weight loss specialist.  The largest network of weight loss physicians in the country, the Center boasts a success rate of 95.3% among patients who are able to maintain weight loss after one year.

Their doctor-guided programs take into account each patient’s medical history, metabolic rate, current lifestyle and weight loss goals to help them reach their ideal weight faster and more safely. By working with weight loss specialists, patients learn how to diet and exercise to lose weight and keep it off for good.

Patients lose weight faster with diet and exercise

By incorporating regular aerobic exercise into their daily routine, patients can burn fat while improving their cardiovascular health. In addition to heart-pumping exercises, strength training is equally important when it comes to keeping the weight off in the long-term. Building muscle through strength training helps to lower your overall body fat, increase your metabolism, and burn calories more efficiently.

Physician weight loss programs provide strict guidelines that teach their patients how to lose weight fast with exercise. Specialists with The Center for Medical Weight Loss perform a body composition analysis to determine each patient’s baseline and optimum fitness plan. They also track progress to verify weight loss is attributed to the addition of lean muscle mass, which helps patients shed fat, not just water weight.

Dr. Kaplan asserts that a multi-faceted approach is necessary for lasting results in any weight loss program: one that addresses unhealthy eating patterns and includes regular exercise, as well as frequent counseling to realize permanent benefits. Get information on how to achieve fast weight loss safely.

Best, quick weight loss program is physician-assisted

The Center for Medical Weight Loss helps patients choose the best exercise to lose weight based on their present fitness level, nutritional needs and particular goals.  Thanks to its holistic approach that is both simple to follow and easy to maintain, the Center has produced thousands of weight loss success stories nationwide.  A study in the American Journal of Medicine found that the average CMWL patient lost 28 pounds in just 12 weeks. And more than 95% of patients kept that weight off for one year or longer.

There are more than 450 centers in the United States. Take control of your health today. To find a Center for Medical Weight Loss in your area, enter your zip code in the box above. Special introductory offers are available to first-time customers at most locations.