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6 Weeks to OMG: Experts Debate the Pros and Cons

Is ‘6 Weeks to OMG’ a breakthrough regimen for getting thinner and healthier, or a dubious quick-fix weight loss plan than can’t be sustained for the long-term? That’s the question being asked by media outlets and medical experts in response to the new buzz-heavy diet book.

Written by British personal trainer and actor Paul Khanna (he uses the pen name Venice A. Fulton), ‘6 Weeks to OMG’ seems to be targeted mainly to an audience of teenage girls— the second half of the book’s title is ‘Get Skinnier Than All Your Friends,’ and the introductory paragraph urges readers to continue despite the fact that “Your parents might think you shouldn’t read this book.” But though Khanna counsels readers that “it’s just puppy fat” isn’t a good enough argument against shedding pounds, ‘6 Weeks to OMG’ has caught on with people of all ages intent on discovering how to lose weight fast.

Khanna promises readers that if they follow the diet and exercise plan outlined in the book, they will lose up to 20 pounds in six weeks. Some of the habits the book recommends include:

  • Take cold baths to activate the body’s metabolism
  • Blow up balloons to activate muscles
  • Drink two cups of black coffee every morning instead of breakfast
  • Strictly limit carbs, and eat lots of protein
  • Exercise multiple times per day

Khanna claims that the theories in the book are based on scientific studies and his own experience as a personal trainer. He says he was inspired to write the book after reading that the average female in the United Kingdom tries 31 diets in her lifetime. Khanna intends for ‘6 Weeks to OMG’ to help people re-train their eating and exercise habits so that they will never again have to try another weight loss plan.

How to lose weight fast, and keep it off

Khanna doesn’t reject the idea that the best diets are the ones that aim for long-term, healthy weight loss. But is the ‘6 Weeks to OMG’ program sustainable and healthy? A recent ‘Today Show’ segment featuring ‘Six Weeks to OMG’ solicited the reaction of dietician and nutritionist Joy Bauer, who questions the wisdom of skipping breakfast.

“We know that people who eat breakfast have a much easier time at losing weight,” reports Bauer. “It regulates your appetite and revs your metabolism in the morning.”

Best diets are monitored by a doctor

For many adults who have struggled to find the best diet to lose weight fast, health experts recommend a physician-directed approach.

The Center for Medical Weight Loss is the largest group of weight loss doctors in the country. They offer supervised diet and exercise plans that are tailored to each person’s needs. A study published in the American Journal of Medicine reports that the average person following a customized weight loss program at the Center loses 11.1% of his or her total body weight in only 12 weeks. Furthermore, 95.3% of the people in the program maintained weight loss after a year.

“Patients following a medical weight loss program like the one at The Center for Medical Weight Loss not only lose weight quickly, they do so safely,” says founder and chief medical officer Dr. Michael Kaplan. “The medical weight loss approach has been scientifically proven to help people lose excess weight and keep it off.”

Many people who have struggled with diets want to learn how to achieve fast weight loss safely and keep it off. Doctor-directed weight loss plans such as those offered by The Center For Medical Weight Loss may be the answer.

After reading testimonials of successful weight loss, find out if any of the Center’s 450 U.S. locations are near you by entering your zip code in the search box above. Many locations offer special introductory offers to first-time patients.