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How to Lose Weight Quickly – 5 Best Tips

It is possible to lose weight quickly, without resorting to fad diets or “detox” starvation regimes that put your health at risk. One group in particular, a physician network specializing in medical weight loss is posting some impressive results when it comes to losing weight quickly, Oddly enough, their formula for success is not to use a formula at all. Instead of a cookie cutter approach to weight loss, they use a customized approach, based on measurement of an individual’s metabolic rate. The centers also employ a behavioral counseling program that teaches practical diet and exercise techniques designed to maintain weight loss over time. The doctors have thousands of patients under their care, and their results have been published in medical journals.

The average person following the program loses 11.1% of their body weight in 12 weeks.

Dr. Michael Kaplan, chief medical officer reports, “Studies show that when treated by a Center for Medical Weight Loss physician, the average person lost 11.1% of their body weight in the first 12 weeks. This means that a person weighing 250 pounds will lose more than 50 pounds on average.”

The study, published in the American Journal of Medicine consisted of 413 participants, and states that the average person lost 28 pounds in 12 weeks. This is significant in that this was the average weight loss, and it was in a real world setting, not a laboratory.

The centers are staffed by doctors specially trained in medical weight loss. Each person is evaluated for metabolism, body composition and medical history, and then receives a personalized diet and exercise program based on individual goals. Dr. Kaplan, has been practicing bariatric medicine for over 10 years, and offers a few tips when it comes to losing weight quickly:

5 Important Tips for Fast Weight Loss

  1. Have a goal or deadline: Wanting to look good at an upcoming reunion or wedding can be a great motivator for sticking to a weight loss plan. Just make sure to start your diet and exercise program early: Crash dieting a week before will not only put your health at risk, but almost guarantees that the weight will come back quickly.
  2. Don’t skip meals: Make sure to always eat three meals and at least one snack daily— don’t skip breakfast! Keep your metabolism active with a snack every 2-4 hours.
  3. Drink lots of water: Substituting water or seltzer for soda, coffee, alcohol, juice, or milk can help you cut hundreds of calories a day, which can add up to 3-4 pounds a month.
  4. Keep a food diary: Maintain a daily record of what you eat and keep track of your calorie intake. This will help keep you stay accountable to yourself and your weight loss goals, and recording your progress will help you stay motivated.
  5. Exercise: Cardio burns the most calories, but at least some strength training is also crucial. Interval training is especially effective: It helps you burn more calories in a shorter time.

If you’re tired of crash dieting and gaining all the weight back, or you need to slim down for a wedding or other big event where you want to impress your friends with your new svelte shape, the physicians at The Center for Medical Weight Loss seem to have the prescription for success. Many Centers offer special discounts and incentives for first-time patients.

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